My name is Saffron.

I’m a 24 year old Cash Princess, Financial Dominatrix, and Money Manipulatrix with a voluptuous figure, a keen mind, and a control streak. I’m an unpredictable force, to say the least. I may appear to be harmless, pretty, and docile, but I am a dominant, pushy, and compelling woman who demands pleasure via your hard earned income.


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Your Pathetic Dick Should Be CUT OFF!!

  • Your Pathetic Dick Should Be CUT OFF!!

    Let's face it, fucktard. No woman, absolutely NONE, wants your gross, puny, smelly little pecker. So...let's get rid of it!! LOL, it's going away, even if I have to cut it off MYself.


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    • CBT
    • Ballbusting
    • Humiliation